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This new area, with 850 m2 of Spa-Resort, allows the user to immerse himself in an exclusive space where water and design have the whole prominence: a real luxury for the senses.

The use of water as a therapy dates back to the Ancient Greece and to the Romans and it is part of the traditional medicine. The temperature contrast (cold and heat) and the water pressure stimulate the immunological system, improve blood circulation, soothe pain, stimulate the internal organs activity and relax and tone up muscles. In weariness and stress conditions it is recommended to have hot showers and baths followed by short duration cold showers for stimulating the body and the mind.


In our great Spa you can enjoy the most relaxing or the most invigorating circuits depending on what you are looking for: cascades, swan necks, air and hydro massage jets,high flow jets, hydro massage beds, air volcanos…


Spectacular relaxation pool or stainless steel termarium. BENEFIT: the high temperature produces a peripheral circulatory system vasodilation that makes brain blood flow to lessen in having a greater venous capacity in the limbs, which is why there is a light sleepy feeling and a deep relaxation. It is necessary to produce a thermal contrast for the blood to return to the vital organs. This may be done using the bucket shower, the ice fountain, the toning pool or the frigidarium.


BENEFIT: thermal contrast. It produces a vasoconstriction and a blood circulation enhancement. Provides a nervous and muscular relaxation and a circulatory system stimulation.


BENEFIT: thermal contrast. It produces a vasoconstriction and a blood circulation enhancement. Provides a nervous and muscular relaxation and a circulatory system stimulation. Of a minor impact relaxation and a circulatory system stimulation. Of a minor impact than the Toning Pool.


BENEFITS: Increasing of blood flow in the surface of the skin, Improves blood circulation, removes the toxins by means of sweating, relieves some pains and produce mental distension and relaxation when it is done regularly. It is not advisable to have a sauna after having made physical exertion, such as the practice of a sport, since this facilitates the body response to heat. The sauna was born in the north of Europe some hundreds of years ago and it has become a very effective ritual, not only for relaxing, but also for improving many of our health aspects: nervous distension, blood flow stimulation, oxygenation and toxins cleansing…


BENEFITS: Nervous distension. Relaxation. Respiratory ramifications dilation. Oxygenation. Respiratory tract humidification. Smoothing. peripheral vasodilation. Blood flow stimulation. Cleansing of skin toxins. Perspiration. In short, it prevents the skin drying, delays the appearance of wrinkles, hydrates the skin and gives it great smoothness, softness and beauty.

To refine the body, the best option is to have a steam bath –also called Turkish bath–, which revives the principles of the ͞Hamman͟, he Turkish origin modality practiced in the East since the 18th century. To make an ͞immersion͟ into steam clouds is ideal for purifying the skin and the body, and for removing, through the epidermis, dirt and toxins. Why is it good? The steam, in dilating the skin pores, allows a thorough and durable cleanliness, which leaves a smooth and velvety skin. The hot and wet steam flow help besides to combat the respiratory tract problems: throat, nose and bronchial tubes are subjected to very beneficial effects. At the same time, it produces a soothing effect on the nervous system, which allows a total relaxation.


Relaxation room equipped with deckchairs and infrared spotlights. The infrared waves have a great effect on the body since they take part in the pH process turning the acid pH into alkaline, which make easier the healing of the problems caused by an accumulation of uric acid in the human body. The far-off infrared rays reactivate, invigorate and revitalize the different organs in penetrating into them for they regulate the blood flow and restore to normal all body systems.

BENEFITS: It improves the immune system, stimulates the production of white blood cells, increases blood flow and generates a muscle relaxation that fights off muscular contractions by means of its own thermal effect.


A unique space contrived for our clients wellness and comfort, where he will find a selection of personalized massages, rituals in which the East and the West merge. A space where time stands still and… simply disappears.


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BENEFICT FOR THE NERVOUS SYSTEM: The response sensitivity varies depending on the water temperature. Cold water stimulates the nervous system to its higher rate of peripheral sensitivity, particularly the superficial blood vessels. This makes the nervous system to recover and increase its tone. Therefore, this reaction is eminently tonic.

BENEFICTS FOR THE CIRCULATORY SYSTEM: Depending on the water temperature it is produced a vasoconstriction or a asodilation in the circulatory system. Besides, the Sensations Shower reduces the joints pain and the effects of stress.


The best option for the lovers of swimming. A calm environment with an ideal temperature.
The best quality of water. We use a low salinity Saline Electrolysis supported by Ultraviolet Lights and dissociate the common salt in order to form the chlorine required by the legal regulations. In this way the chlorine chemical component disappears and the skin and eyes does not itch. This water has been certified by laboratory as one of the best of Barcelona.